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Awarded 1st Best Savoury Sauce at Mr. Chilli Awards 2015

This is one of the most unique HOT sauces we have tried to date! It is made with all NZ grown chillies and produce including Coppers Folly pure wasabi, horopito pepper, kawakawa leaf and NZ extra virgin hemp seed oil. Peppery, punchy, complex, fruity and HOT with intense heat and flavours! Goes perfect with sushi, fish, pork, sausages, in a spicy pho or green curry! 125ml Heat 8/10

1 review for NZ Green

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Scoville News Network

    New Zealand Green is one of my favourite Hot Sauces from the unique, delicious and very fiery range from Fire Dragon Chillies and it’s definitely a contender for my all-time favourite hot sauce.

    New Zealand is well known clean and green image and this is just what Fire Dragon Chillies has managed to capture and personify this image in this bottle of sauce, guess the name is very fitting then?! Containing ingredients that are solely grown and produced in New Zealand, it even contains some native plants like the horopito pepper and the kawakawa leaf. What I love about this sauce is that it even has pure wasabi incorporated in it. When I first tried it is was worried that I would get an overpowering wasabi hit, that burns through the nostril and brings water to the eyes, but it must be so well balanced that it just enhances the flavour and only slightly stings the tongue.

    Green sauces always worry me, I have the fear that they’ll taste like an over-limed, gummed out salsa verde (which regretfully seem to have there place on drunken taco nights). New Zealand green seems to only share one thing in common with those sauces, and it’s the colour. A green sauce, with beautiful chunks of seeds, pepper, and other whizzed up goodness speckled throughout the sauce. It’s very pleasant to look at, and even better to taste.
    NZG has a very subtle aroma, with vinegary notes and another fragrance I can’t quite identify. The combination of smells almost masks that it is in fact a hot sauce.

    The heat of the sauce is instant, piercing and fast spreading around the mouth. It definitely lingers on the lips long after you’ve eaten it. NZG is close to a 9/10 for heat, but is so well crafted that the heat is manageable and doesn’t over power the flavour. It is definitely wise to try a little before you use it, incase you regret using too much.

    I have used this sauce on almost everything, on my food or tossed through a salad as a dressing. The bottle says it goes well with fish, and pork but I imagine it would be the ultimate replacement for wasabi to accompany your sushi.

    Heat: 9/10
    Flavour: 9/10

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